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Posted on January 17, 2014

Answer: Enhancing your home’s façade is a smart investment both financially and emotionally. Design choices for a façade remodel are not to be taken lightly, and don’t underestimate the architectural sophistication of future home buyers. Most homebuyers are not design professionals, but do have an intuitive sense of whether remodeling looks right… or not. Be […]

Posted on December 27, 2010

“My wife and I own a three-story contemporary built around 1970. The side elevation consists of two opposing shed roofs joined by a recessed hyphen. Because the house is built on a slope, one enters at mid-level. The front is non-descript board-cladding with just a single window. The inside, however, is quite dramatic with large window walls on the side and rear elevations visually linked to the woods. The home’s only drawback is a small kitchen linked to an equally pint-sized breakfast room that segues to an elevated side deck. We’ve been thinking about converting the deck into a larger eat-in kitchen, using the existing kitchen as a pantry, storage area. I hesitate, however, because I’m not sure how an addition will look in relation to the opposing sheds that define the side elevation. For instance, should the addition repeat the shed roof (which might obstruct an existing third floor window), or is a completely different type of roof line feasible?” FT, Reston, Virginia